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Are you afraid to ask for money?
Overcome the 10 biggest fears

Grab this special report listing the 10 biggest fears women have around asking for money, complete with tips on how to overcome each one!

What are you afraid of? Grab this special report now.

Barbara Bellissimo Your Personal Courage Champion

Barbara Bellissimo
Your Personal Courage Champion

Barbara Bellissimo is a champion for women who are terrified of asking for money.

Through her weekly motivational morsels, on-demand Fearless Asker workouts and Leadership Bootcamps, she’s here to help you transform your fear into courage—and get what you’re worth.

Her insights have been featured in Forbes, Women’s Health, National Public Radio and The New York Times. She’s also the bestselling author of Become Your Own Great and Powerful:  A Woman’s Guide to Leading Your Real, Big Life. Her clients call her “highly skilled, experienced, a delight to work with” and “a sparkling member of the human race”.

And when she’s not creating a new class of superheroines, you can find her art journaling, knitting or indulging in the occasional bacon-covered anything.