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Two Things You Should Know

First, tune in tomorrow at 12PM Pacific/3PM Eastern, when I’m the guest on Gina Bell’s “How Does She Do It?” teleclass series at the Association of Women in Business Online. Head on over to the Association of Women in Business Online and sign up now! Hope to “see” you on the call tomorrow.

Second, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and need legal advice, I highly recommend Bill Ambrunn. I’ve known and worked with Bill for several years. He is smart, reasonable and has the utmost integrity. You cannot find a better attorney…and he shares my wicked sense of humor. Learn more about Bill by visiting his web site.

Yet Another Reason Why I Love Dan Pallotta

(c) Pallotta Teamworks

For those of us working in/with the nonprofit community, Dan Pallotta’s writings can be polarizing. I personally admire and respect him and his work, and I’d love to be able to have dinner with him sometime. His most recent post at the Harvard Business Review is the latest in a long line of reasons he is one of my heroes. Check it out, and let me know what impossible work you’re tackling right now.

Bourn Creative: Killer SEO Strategies

I’m just finishing up a teleseminar with Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative, as part of Gina Bell’s List Attraction Week series.

This call was chock full of information about best ways to make sure your web pages and blog posts hit high in search rankings. If you have the chance to listen to Jennifer, I highly recommend you do so. Head on over to her web site and grab her white paper. That’s Bourn Creative:  Killer SEO Strategies.