90-Day Rapid Results Intensive

If you are tired of getting less than you deserve, and are truly ready to invest in an Asking Transformation, the How To Ask For Money Rapid Results Intensive Mentoring Program is for you. This 90-day program is guaranteed to provide deep and intensive support as you overcome your fears, embrace your leadership abilities, and develop your skills to confidently ask for the money you deserve.

I have a limited number of spaces available for this powerful one-on-one mentoring program. If you are serious about investing in yourself so that others will invest in you, I encourage you to apply for a no-cost, 20-minute strategy session.

During this session, you’ll get at least three tips you can implement immediately to help alleviate your biggest asking for money fears. At the end of the strategy session, we’ll discuss whether the Rapid Results Intensive is right for you. You must be willing to fully commit for 90 days, and to fully participate in the work. Ready to book your session?

The Rapid Results Intensive is designed to build up your skills and confidence around asking for money. Based on what we discuss in our strategy session, your program will be customized to your specific challenges and goals. Some of the topics we might address include:

Embrace Your Deservability: Deep and broad work on confidence, self-worth and empowerment. Visualize yourself as a leader and create your own success!

Objectively Evaluate Your Offer:  Are you providing value commensurate with the amount you should be asking for? Is your price fair and reasonable?

Create an Authentic Presentation: Are you using the right words, the right vehicle? It’s important to create presentations, web sites and other materials that reflect your style. If it’s not comfortable, it’s not authentic.

Ready to transform into a Master Asker? Book your strategy session now!


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