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Are You Worth An Hour?

Invest an hour in yourself, so others will invest in you!

I can’t tell you how excited I am today. In just 90 minutes, I’ll be hosting my first teleseminar, How to Grow Your Business by Turning Passion for Your Work into Passion for Your Price.

Women entrepreneurs and consultants from all over the world (yes, the world!) will be joining me as I reveal one of the biggest fears that cause otherwise powerful women to feel powerless to ask for what they’re worth, along with three easy-to-implement strategies to help them get over that fear. It’s a great opportunity to start clearing out the junk that stands in the way of achieving your 2010 business goals.

If you have an hour to invest in yourself, won’t you join us? Click here to sign up. Even if you’re reading this after the teleseminar has happened, you can get a copy of the handout and access to the recording.

I am also making a very special announcement on this call. One that never entered my mind when I planned it. So…I guarantee that listening in will be well worth your time. Don’t you think you’re worth an hour? I think you are.

Click here to get access to the call.