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Crank Up Your Courage In An Hour

If you are tired of resenting your clients, or feeling like some kind of a sham for asking for what you’re worth, I hope you’ll join me for 5 Ways to Crank Up Your Courage to Ask for–and Get–What You’re Worth. During our hour together, we’ll cover:

1. Getting Clear on What You Really Want
2. Understanding What You’re Really Worth
3. Identifying What You’re Really Afraid Of
4. 3 Key Strategies You Can Use Right Now
5. How to Build Your Confidence to Get Your True Value…Every Time!

It’s the quickest way to start banishing your asking-for-money fears, and to grab a whole pile of tools to give you the confidence get your business growing.

Book it now…

Empowering Professional Women to Ask for–and Get–the Money They Deserve

Are you a woman struggling with…

  • Running out of money for your startup?
  • Possibly cutting salaries at your nonprofit?
  • Asking the right price for your consulting services?

Asking for money is not just about the words you use. You can download tons of sales scripts off the Internet, and you still might not be successful. Over the ten years I’ve been working with women leaders, sooner or later the same issues come up around asking for money:

  • Am I (or my organization) really worth that much money?
  • How do I know the right amount to ask for?
  • What do I do if the prospect says no?

Do I know what I’m talking about? You betcha. I’ve raised over $26M dollars for startups and nonprofit organizations. I’ve dealt with all of these issues and more. I often wonder how much more I could have done, and how much money I left on the table, if I had tackled these issues earlier in my career.

How do I know I’ve overcome these challenges?

I raised over $3M for a nonprofit organization in 2009, during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Now I’m sharing my expertise and mentoring with women who need to successfully ask for money…right now!