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Let the No’s Go

Professional woman saying no to an ask
What do you do when someone opts out?

Many professional women in my life have been asking the same question over the last couple of weeks:

What if someone unsubscribes from my list?

The tone of their questions is usually full of fear, like, “Oh my gosh. Some teeny percentage of my list of contacts has decided not to get info from me anymore!” Now I know we all treat each of our contacts with the utmost respect and love, and deliver seriously great service. We feel close to each one of our contacts, like our list is one big family. If one of our contacts opts out of our list, it’s like we’ve lost one of our own.

My good friend and mentor, Nancy Marmolejo over at Viva Visibility, blogged about this very issue a couple of weeks ago:  I Survived a List Purge (You Can Too).  This is what got me thinking about this topic.

Then, I started hearing from a whole bunch of women entrepreneurs:

“I had one person unsubscribe!”

“One of my contacts said they were not interested.”

“What do I do if someone opts out?”

Like Nancy, I say, “Let ’em go!” Focus on those who have made the conscious decision to stay on your list. You will likely never really know why the one person left your list, so don’t waste energy on tracking them down, finding out why they left, and what you can do to get them back. Use that same energy to thank those who have decided to stay, or offer them some bonus piece of information, or just say hi.

I’d love to hear how you, and the professional women you know, feel when one of your contacts opts out. Do you take it personally? Or do you re-focus on the vast majority of your “family” that’s still at home?